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Our smooth live entertainment covers the full range of Rock and Roll, from familiar classic favorites to today's rock. We present our numbers in concert form as well as for dancing and listening audiences of all ages.

All members of our group have extensive musical backgrounds, which have prepared us for our high level of professionalism.

We perform for our audiences not only the "classic rock" sounds of the band but also a popular array of the great music of today's listeners.

Wait for our Demo - This Woman

Dave Dardine - Lead Guitar - Vocals

Most definitely the soul of the music that we play, Dave, a well known blues musician can easily lay down rock, county and jazz licks on his guitar. Adding his lead vocals to the band repertoire definitely adds another side to the music. Besides playing with Kathy, Dave has his own blues band, "The Dave Dardine Project" and you can always find him and his guitar playing somewhere in Larimer County.


Sonny Slentz - Bass Guitar



Kathy Connolly Band
PO Box 1485
LaPorte, Colorado 80535

KC - Vocals Rythm Guitar Keyboard


Oscar de Soto - Drums

Originally from Seattle, Oscar and Kathy have played together for many years. His diversity and style are well suited to the many genres of the band. With Country Music, Rock 'n Roll, Blues and Jazz Standards in our repertoire, Oscar plays it all with the ease of style and rhythm that he has perfected through the years. You can also find Oscar at down beat with Zaro an accomplished and well known Fort Collins fusion jazz group.